Solar water heaterSolar energy is the fastest growing energy source in the world today. What are companies, organizations, and individuals in Atlantic Canada doing to capitalize on this opportunity? We’re going to find out!

Solar Nova Scotia is taking on a study of the solar energy industry in Atlantic Canada: Who is working in it? What innovative products and services are being produced? What does the industry need to grow in a healthy way? The study includes technical elements, employment estimates, market size and opportunities, and policy aspects that can facilitate growth in this exciting clean tech sector.

The components of the study include:

  • Costs and productivity of solar electricity - an updated estimate
  • Standardized templates for interconnection of solar electricity with the grid
  • Study of the industrial ecosystem - market, supply chain, and opportunities - for solar energy equipment and services
  • Communicating the results, including inspiring stories from the solar energy industry in Atlantic Canada

Here are a few snippets of the inspiring stories we are collecting. Did you know?:

  • A Nova Scotia start-up, Jaza Energy, with support from Nova Scotia Business, Inc., is developing solar battery charging, monitoring, and transaction systems to make solar electricity available to customers in Tanzania.
  • Nova Scotia is home to world-renowned makers of solar water heating systems Thermo Dynamics, Ltd.
  • Award-winning custom solar homes are designed right in Nova Scotia (Don Roscoe Homes).
  • The Cansolair heating unit, designed and manufactured in Newfoundland using recycled materials, is one of the top residential solar air heaters on the market.

Jaza Energy - Sebastian Manchester
Sebastian Manchester, co-founder of Jaza Energy

We are in the sunshine here on the East Coast, more than you may think!

Those are just a sample from the solar spectrum in Atlantic Canada. We want your stories. If you know about a business or project in the solar energy space that we should know about, contact us!

Support for this work is provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).