This document helps you build a system to charge mobile devices via USB with energy from a solar panel. It includes a large section on how to use the RETScreen tool to analyze your power needs and turn those into battery and panel requirements. The plans were created by the Fall 2017 class of the Nova Scotia Community College Introduction to Renewable Energy program.

Designs posted by Solar Nova Scotia are done so without liability of Solar Nova Scotia or the authors.

Rustic wooden bench with solar panel shades


  1. Choosing a Location: use of the "Solar Pathfinder"
  2. RETScreen: use of the RETScreen tool
  3. Power Requirements
  4. Supplies and Component Layout
  5. Weather Proofing
  6. Maintenance Guide
  7. Troubleshooting Flow Chart

Here's a close-up of the finished product.

For the document, click here or the link, below.