We encourage ALL businesses in Atlantic Canada with ANY solar energy involvement to complete this survey about the scope, trends and future potential of the solar industry. The results will generate valuable benchmarks for business operators, and inform government program and policy development. Please encourage relevant businesses in Atlantic Canada to provide their input!

Take the survey buttonAccess the Atlantic Solar Industry Survey with the big button!

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete, providing you have the necessary information on hand, such as your approximate sales revenue and employee numbers for the past three years, and an estimate of your customer and supplier locations by dollar value. Your comments and suggestions may require additional time.

All survey responses will be treated confidentially. Survey results will be reported only in aggregate, and no identifying business information will be reported or shared. The report on the results will be made available to you, the public, and all interested stakeholders.

This survey is part of the Atlantic Canada Solar Study being conducted by Solar Nova Scotia with support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

The expected outcomes of this research include:

  • Enhanced planning and decision making by all stakeholders
  • Enablement of healthy growth of the Atlantic Canadian solar energy Industry
  • Increased awareness of opportunities in the growing solar energy sector