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Fall 2012

  • Historic Building Energy Issues Part 5: Exterior Wall Systems, by Bill Hockey ACS
  • Home Energy Monitoring: Solar Thermal Energy - by Aaron Smith

Spring 2012

  • The last issue printed on paper!
  • New: Facebook page. 

Spring 2011

  • Forging Ahead with Lunenburg Foundry's “Prometheus” Solar Forge
  • Evaluating our solar resource by Cory Manuel
  • Growing Salad Greens During the Cold Winters of Nova Scotia by Silvana Castillo, North Wallace, Nova Scotia.

Fall 2010

  • Historic Building Energy Issues, Part 4: Foundations, Basements and Crawl Spaces, By Bill Hockey
  • The Halifax Seaport Farmers Market – Efficient from the Ground Up, by Aaron Smith
  • The province's new Performance Plus program for new home builds over the next few months where solar thermal will be an integral part of the plan

Spring 2010

  • Historic Building Energy Issues, Part 3: Attics and Roofs, by Bill Hockey
  • Energy Efficiency in Nova Scotia by Aaron Smith
  • Corporate Profile -Green Power Labs

Fall 2009

  • Shaping Our Future Communities: The Importance of Community Energy Planning Marlene Moore, Green Power Labs Inc.
  • Historic Building Energy Issues, Part 2: Doors & Windows, by Bill Hockey
  • The sun is rising on large scale solar in NS By Shannon Lynch – Scotian Windfields

Spring 2009

  • Historic Building Energy Issues By Bill Hockey
  • Canadian Solar Home Design Manual Book Launch: March 24th!
  • The CARBON Trap:  Can offsets, emissions caps, and complex trading schemes turn off the global spigot of greenhouse gases?

Fall 2008

  • Solar Shelter Manual: Bigger, Better & Nation Wide! by Shawna Henderson
  • Carbon Footprint: Best Return
  • Proposed House Energy Efficiency Regulations in Nova Scotia by Aaron Smith

Spring 2005

  • The Solar Envelope by Shawna Henderson
  • History of our webpage

Winter 2003 - Spring 2004

  • From High Tech to Third World by Derek Broughton
  • The Millennium Home Inventory becomes the Renewable Energy Atlantic Portal by Daniel Mackay and Josh McLean
  • New Corporate Members: Nova Sun Power and Dr. Solar