In early October, 2021, Solar Nova Scotia conducted a survey of our corporate members to determine current wait times and impact to business for utility plan reviews and meter installs. Twelve corporate members responded to the survey. The results of the survey, presented below, indicate that wait times are currently unusually long, taking up to 3 months for plan review and 2 months for meter installs. In addition, 11 out of 12 installers indicated that plan review delays in particular are having a severely negative impact on their business.

What are the usual turnaround times you're experiencing?

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How much of a problem are these turnaround times?

How much of a problem are these turnaround times?

Survey respondents cited delays with utility inspections and rebate processing as other key concerns. Some reported that the delays are causing client dissatisfaction, severe impacts to cashflow and postponed installs. Respondents would like to see improved communications and more inspectors to make the process smoother.

Solar Nova Scotia will reach out to stakeholders to determine how this issue can best be resolved as we believe it is affecting the growth of solar in the province.