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April 2018

  • Solar News
  • Upcoming Courses & Events
  • Solar & Net Zero News in Nova Scotia
  • World News
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July 2017

  • Solar Electricity for Community Buildings Program
  • Muskrat Falls hydro project.
  • Solar Scotia Energy CEDIF, the first solar CEDIF in Nova Scotia
  • and lots more!
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May 2017

  • Upcoming Solar Courses in Sydney!
  • The PassivHaus tour on April 15
  • Solar Powered Pontoon Boat - Available For Tours
  • Local, National & International Solar News
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March 2017

  • What went on at the Annual General Meeting
  • Nova Scotia Solar News: Trevor Butler speaks at Dal about sustainable building practices; Nova Solar Capital, a Kentville-based company, is expanding its Solar Capital Energy Inc. CEDIF project; movie: The Age of Consequences; the Emera Atlantic Canada Smart Energy Event; Ecology Action Centre series on Cap & Trade; and much much more. 
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January 2017

  • 2017 Annual General Meeting
  • ACOA’s Clean Technology Initiative
  • Job Posting: Clean Energy Advisor
  • Net Zero presentation by Shawna Henderson 
  • Dalhousie College of Sustainability public lectures
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January 2016

  • Solar Nova Scotia T-shirts are available!
  • Nova Scotia's Electricity Plan Implementation (2015) Act Bill 141
  • The Antigonish Community Energy Cooperative is gathering ''signatures'' on an electronic petition against Bill 141's restrictive solar provisions.
  • Solar PV & Net Metering in Nova Scotia
  • A Lunenburg councillor wants to build a community solar garden that would allow residents to share in renewable power that's generated from a centralized array located in a field or on a roof.
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Fall 2012

  • Historic Building Energy Issues Part 5: Exterior Wall Systems, by Bill Hockey ACS
  • Home Energy Monitoring: Solar Thermal Energy - by Aaron Smith
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Spring 2012

  • The last issue printed on paper!
  • New: Facebook page. 
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Spring 2011

  • Forging Ahead with Lunenburg Foundry's “Prometheus” Solar Forge
  • Evaluating our solar resource by Cory Manuel
  • Growing Salad Greens During the Cold Winters of Nova Scotia by Silvana Castillo, North Wallace, Nova Scotia.
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Fall 2010

  • Historic Building Energy Issues, Part 4: Foundations, Basements and Crawl Spaces, By Bill Hockey
  • The Halifax Seaport Farmers Market – Efficient from the Ground Up, by Aaron Smith
  • The province's new Performance Plus program for new home builds over the next few months where solar thermal will be an integral part of the plan
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